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Know the Rules, Play the Game to Win – Financial Literacy – How it Can Affect Your Financial Future

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Know the Rules, Play the Game to Win - Financial Literacy - How it Can Affect Your Financial Future

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The first step is Preparation: Do you think any successful doctor goes into the operating room unprepared? Operating on you based on general statements about what he heard on the news… or what his next door neighbor told him was the newest and latest procedures for a triple by-pass surgery? If so, would you allow this doctor to perform surgery on you? If not, why do you allow yourselves to work on your family’s finances? If you don’t know the rules, can you really play the  better yet, can you play the game to win? Why then are you surprised when your family’s finances look really similar to the person that was operated on by the untrained surgeon? (Jacked up!)

If you don’t know what tax bracket you are in, if you don’t know how much you are paid before taxes and after taxes, if you don’t know that you should pay yourself 1st before the bill collectors, if you don’t know what your monthly outgo is and your monthly income is… you might have not seen the playing field. If you don’t know what a 401k is, or how much money is being put into it; is it a Roth Ira or a Traditional Ira; you probably can’t manage these accounts effectively. If you don’t know these things, you are probably not aware of how much you are spending and where the money is going.

My challenge to you is simple! Figure it out. Know these numbers and create a weekly plan to make sure you are headed in the right direction. It might be helpful to step back, take a look at the large picture and see your finances as a blue print. If you step back, do so some preparation, you might be able to get helpful information in planning the future and finding out where you can get viable dependable information.

The second step is to put a plan into action: You might have been able to cram for school and pass your tests even do well on them, but YOU CAN NOT CRAM for your life. Furthermore, you can’t cram for your financial success today or in the future. Imagine the farmer that party’s all year long but waits until the fall to plant his crops, what do you think he will harvest? This may all seem so bleak on the surface, but as soon as you learn this, it should be the most rewarding, elating and exciting news of today; if you start planning now, learning now and applying a little self discipline, you can get to wherever you want to be. You financial plan should begin with the end in mind.

I suggest you and your family creating a very vivid picture as to where you would like to be in: 1) the immediate future, being the next 12-24 months…2)”the near future” being next 5-10yrs then 3) the far future being for retirement and beyond. The game plan here is getting … READ MORE

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How Open Source Can Help You Start an Online Business on a Shoe String

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How Open Source Can Help You Start an Online Business on a Shoe String

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Open source can be defined as: The practice of development, in may cases, of computer software where the source files or codes are made freely available to the public. Open Source presents a framework that in many cases have been tried and tested. Hundreds or sometimes thousands of programmers work to create one solution.

Examples of popular and widely supported Open Sources for Internet businesses include; Joomla and Drupal for web development, OS commerce, Magento, zen cart etc for shopping carts


When your system is built through Open Source, you have thousands and sometimes millions of other users using a similar product, if you run into problems, all you need to do is post a question and within hours and sometimes even minutes, someone with a similar problem or who has encountered a similar problem before will be able to provide a solution for you


Using Open Source presents you with wide choices. Because there are many developers who have access to the codes, you can easily get another developer to customize your project should the first one fail. When your system is developed from scratch, you are at the mercy of that particular developer, if you were to transfer that code to a second programmer, not only will the second programmer have a steep learning curve, if the system was not built and documented in accordance with a standard methodology/development procedure, then the second programmer might find it absolutely impossible to build upon it


Contrary to many claims that open source are not secure, open source are secure and this is why; when you use an open source, thousand other developers take time to test the code. If vulnerability is discovered, a post is made in the discussion forum or an email is sent to subscribers


Using open source involve sharing, if one person encounters difficulty e.g. if their website is hacked, they will be able to share it in the forum and thousand other people will instantly become aware and take the necessary steps


Regardless of good your programmers are, there are less chances they would compete with complexity of some of the open source available especially on a shoe string budget. The reason being, some of the open sources have been developed over years and the teams of experts keep revising it and developing it. It is no surprise to find an open source which is up to 10 years old.… READ MORE

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Beauty Routines to Enhance Your Skin

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You may be a beauty and skincare fanatic. You spend countless hours prepping and taking care of your skin. Or perhaps you like to keep your beauty routine as simple as possible. Either way having a beauty routine enhances your natural skin. Having a stable beauty routine can actually help fix some of your troublesome issues with your skin. 

Beauty Routines to Enhance Your Skin

For some people its things like wigs summit nj or for others its shopping at malls and for some having an extensive skincare routine is their thing. But we have broken-down hour-long beauty routines to the most important steps. Below is a step by step guide on a regimen we all should follow that will help improve your skin and make it incredibly healthy. 

The first part to any beauty regimen needs to be making sure you keep your skin clean and healthy. Genetic factors, environmental factors, oil and dirt affects our skin in major ways. One of the best ways to get rid of the harmful effects on our skin is by using a cleanser. Different cleansers work for different skin types. But regardless of skin type, make sure to use a cleanser that gets rid of oil, dirt and makeup without drying out the skin too much. 

Next, comes your serums and oils. Once the skin is clean use serums and oils to treat the skin. These skincare products can help with under eye dark circles, blemishes and dark mark, fine lines and wrinkles and dehydrated skin. 

Moisturizer is a common step that is missed but all skin types need moisturizer. Heavy creams work best for dry skin. Oily skin types need to stay away from creams that are packed with oils. Instead opt in for a jelly moisturizer. Lastly, SPF is needs to be applied to the skin daily. Even if the sun is not out the skin still needs protection from harmful sunrays. The use of SPF can help dark spots from getting darker over time. 

The steps above are the steps you should take for your skincare routine morning and night. Whenever you have free time you should extend your skincare routine to the use of masks. You could use masks to treat whatever skin conditions you have. Masks give the skin a more thorough treatment. 

Just how some girls prefer a quick and simple skincare routine, some also prefer a quick and simple beauty makeup routine. Your beauty or makeup routine can include just a few steps to get you all glammed up. Put foundation on the skin as it sets the tone for your entire makeup look. Plus, it will help cover up any skin imperfections. Add some eyeshadow to your eyelids. Brow gel will help to define your brows. Put blush on your cheeks. Finally, add some lip color to your lips. You can choose to create a makeup look that involves bold, very pigmented colors or more muted colors. Just remember to remove all makeup at the end of the day … READ MORE