Health Insurance Covers Offered by Oriental Insurance

Health Insurance covers the expenses related to hospitalization and medical expenses. When the coverages are cashless, the insurance plans make your life affordable. Oriental Health Insurance offers all the benefits through its insurance plan anyone would ever want. The plans offer coverage according to the type of plan chosen and premiums paid for the same.

All the Oriental Health insurance plans provide standard coverages. Some of the coverages are listed below.

  • The Health insurance plans cover In-patient hospitalization expenses such as room rent, boarding, and nursing, ICU charges, Surgery related charges, medical practitioner’s fee, medicines etc.
  • Provides coverages for Pre-hospitalization expenses incurred 30 days pre-hospitalization.
  • All the expenses within 60 days of the post Hospitalization.
  • Provides you daily cash benefits for the sum assured.
  • Covers a limited domiciliary treatment expenses based on the plan chosen.
  • As listed in the policy plan, Daycare treatment or procedures are covered.
  • The plans also cover surgical expenses incurred.
  • Comprehensive coverage such as Maternity Cover, Newborn baby cover.
  • As specified under the policy chosen, convalescence Benefit is paid to the insurer.

The coverages offered to vary according to different plans. However, most of the plans offer the above coverages. There are several health insurance plans online offered by the oriental insurance company.

The health insurance plans are eligible for expenses such as expenses related to the surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical practitioner, consultations, purchase of anesthesia, blood, oxygen, Operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicines, drugs, expenses related to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, artificial limbs. It also covers surgical procedure … READ MORE ...

Making the Ceiling Tiles to Become Waterproof

Water can damage a lot of things inside the house including drywall, forming mold in wall and ceiling which can be dangerous to the health and safety of the people living inside the house, that is why it is important to make sure that ceiling tiles are water proof and drywall are kept dry and away from water. The needs to create a something like a Waterproof Lay in Ceiling Tile is important because it can help to prevent expensive repair in the future and the job is not be as hard as many people would think.

When there is a water leak in the ceiling, it is important to find out where the leak is coming from before trying to repair or resolve the problems in order to prevent further damage and unnecessary work. According to Lietz J. (n.d) “it is possible to determine the source of water damage before initiating your waterproofing repairs” and one can do this by “removing any damaged drywall or wood from the ceiling” in order to find out where the water is coming from so that they can patch the hole and prevent more water from entering before initiating the repair of the ceiling. Also it is important to remove the mold if one happens to see it because this can cause serious health issues later on.

Making the Ceiling Tiles to Become Waterproof

There are many industrial equipment and supply that can help to repair this type of problem, these include tile saw to cut the wall … READ MORE ...



Singapore’s fertile economy has many incentives for business in the country. As one of the fastest growing economies, Singapore’s mix of traditional values and modernised business practices are the foundation of creativity and innovation. In fact, Singapore currently is experiencing a renaissance of in terms of the coworking space industry.

Coworking spaces traditionally were a concept to help tech-industry professionals find affordable office space in a market where office space in premium locations was ridiculously high. As these spaces evolved, professionals from diverse industries work with each other. Because of the various coworking spaces, Singapore’s professionals can easily find space from which to work, for example, Servcorp coworking spaces.

Continue reading below for some useful tips on how you can find your ideal co-working space in Singapore and best utilise this office solution for your business.

Look For Amenities 

Not all spaces are equal, and a space that can provide you with more than the basic amenities is probably a good choice. The better coworking spaces fit your business out with quality IT services, opportunities to network, and plenty of access to resources. With some of the larger leasing organisations, you might have access to office space in locations around the country and the world. These amenities can really be the foundation from which you establish your business.

Find Your Community 

Coworking spaces are all about building community for its professionals and building opportunities to become a part of a close-knit community. In Singapore’s relational culture, family … READ MORE ...