Backlink Blogging Tips!

Backlink Blogging Tips!

Backlink Blogging Tips!

As a newbie in the online world, you were probably told to get a blog. To have someone build you a blog or an easy way, just use word press. They tell you to write posts on it almost everyday, write articles, maybe posts some videos, and put up pictures.

They also tell you to have an about me page. A page where people can get to know you and trust you. And a business page. A page that people can go to and find out what you do. Maybe all about the products and service you have.

So you set up this beautiful blog with lots of pages and content, now how do you get people to find it.

Social Media Sites

One way is with Twitter. Log on to , set up a great profile page, and once in a while post about your blog. You can talk about what you just put on your blog, like cool pictures of your vacation, an article you just wrote, or a cool video you just watched. Then put a link to your blog after your post, so people can go check it out.

Another way is with Facebook. Log onto . Then the same thing, set up a great profile, and with Facebook, you can also add pictures of you and your family. Then here again post about what you just wrote on your blog with a link to it.

As long as you do not continuously spam, meaning look at my blog, look at my blog, every time you post, people will check it out. And when you do send them to your blog, make sure you have great and relevant content about what you just posted.

There are many other places you can let people know about your new blog and your new posts. LinkedIn, Better Networker, Digg, all the directories and even on forums.

Now this will help in getting people to check out your blog, but it does not always get you on the first page of Goggle. Getting high rankings to where your blog will be on the first page of Google is how you get the most traffic.

Back Links

This is where backlinks come into play. So just what are backlinks?, It is nothing more than a link back to your website from another website with high rankings. Another way to look at it is, a vote. It is a vote in the eyes of the search engines. Just like in school or being a politician, the more votes you get, the more you get noticed.

To get great backlinks, you should start blog commenting. Find other peoples blogs that are relevant to your keywords in your niche, and comment on their post. The most important thing to remember, like in social media, is never spam.

Truly read their comment, as it took a lot of creativity for them to write it, and most people are very proud of their content. After you have read their post, then comment on it, in your own words. This takes a lot of time, but well worth it in the long run when your blog hits first page of Goggle.

Do not just comment on any ones blog, of course if you find a good article that helped you in your marketing, then by all means comment. But right now we need backlinks to help get our blog known.

Make sure the blog you comment on is a do follow. That means the will actually read your comment and follow the link you left, which is to your blog. This is how a backlink is created.

Do Follow, Inbound Links & Page Rank

To know if a blog is do follow or not, do a search on Google. You will find a lot of directories with do follow blogs listed. An easy way to do this is install a plug in on your computer. I have Firefox, so I just installed the Firefox do follow plugin, now when ever I am on a blog I just right click on the do follow link and in every comment box, if the name is high lighted in blue, it is a do follow, if highlighted in red it is a no follow.

If you want really good backlinks you also have to know what the blogs rank is and how many inbound links it has. This is also found through a Google search. Just search for blogs with high pr, meaning page rankings and you can install it on your tool bar. Now when ever you are on a blog it will show you right on your tool bar how many in bound links it has and its page rank.

Once you have everything set up, your dynamite blog, your social media sites, your plug ins for knowing if a blog is a do follow, how many inbound links, and page ranks, you will be getting to the top of Google’s front page in no time.

Follow these tips and have your blog, one that everyone else will want to comment on and follow!

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