Can You Survive Without a Health Insurance Plan?

Can You Survive Without a Health Insurance Plan?

A suitable health insurance acts as a savior during any health hazards. Besides many benefits, it can surely guarantee holistic wellness. By staying proactive for your health you can prevent many ailments. There are many kinds of plans that you can choose from. Some of the types that you can select from are as follows.

Sno. Type of Health Insurance Plan
1. Individual Plans
2. Group Plans
3. Family Floater
4. Critical Illness
5. Disease-Specific
6. Senior Citizen


All these plans have different features. You can select the one that is most suitable for your requirements. For selecting any one of the plans you can also visit any online comparison site for insurance. PolicyX is one of the leading web aggregators that can help you in selecting the suitable plan of your choice.

Kavya an IT professional chose Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy from Star Health Insurance company. She selected this plan as she was looking out for a suitable plan for her mother who’s 62 years old. This plan covers senior citizen from 60 to 75 years of age. She also wanted to take a good corpus for Sum Insured. This policy facilitated her with a sum insured of about Rs.10,00,000.

 Other benefits that attracted her were:-

  • No pre-insurance medical tests.
  • Coverage of pre-existing disease from second year onwards
  • Facility of outpatient treatment
  • Lifetime renewal

There are many more health plans that you can choose as per your requirements. Every plan may have one feature or the other that can impact your decision. Before selecting any plan you must understand their terms and conditions thoroughly. You must check their features in details and then choose the suitable one. There may not be any good or bad plan, they just differ in the suitability. Before selecting any plan you can analyze them on few features and choose the best plan for yourself.

 Features & Benefits of Health Insurance Plan

  •  High Returns on Investments

 Health plans are available at a very low cost but the risk they cover is exponentially high. Before buying any policy you can do a comparative analysis and buy a plan accordingly. By just paying a premium of Rs. 10,000 per year you may be able to enjoy the medical insurance equivalent to Rs. 5,00,000. 

  • Covers Medical Expenses

 Good health plan covers all your expenses at the time of hospitalization. Excluding a few non-medical expenses, your policy can bear all your cost. This is great abetment any health plan can extend. 

  • Facilitates Cashless Treatments

 Most of the insurance firms got a number of hospitals empanelled with them. While choosing these hospitals you don’t have to pay a penny from your pocket. At the time of choosing a health policy, you can always check the number of hospitals covered by them. You can also make your decision based on the choice of your hospital included in that list.

  • Helps in Speedy Claim Settlement

 In case you are not able to get yourself treated with any of the listed hospitals for cashless treatment than you may choose to take the reimbursement. You just need to submit the required documents to your Insurance company. While buying a policy you can always check their claim settlement ratio and choose them accordingly.

  •  Manages Deadly Diseases

With the advance in science cure of most of the diseases is possible. You can manage any critical illness if diagnosed and treated on time. People avoid going to the hospital because of the cost involved. With a suitable health policy, you can get yourself treated without any stress of finance.

  •  Medical Test Benefits

Health policy also helps you in staying proactive by getting yourself medically tested periodically. They provide you with some discounts and at times make it free for you. This can further help you in timely identification of any ailment.

  •  Can Continue Without Payment

In some health plans, you can continue your policy even without paying the annual premium. This facility can be availed after the locking period of your policy. It’s also subject to sufficient fund availability in your plan.

  •  Health Journals & Magazines

For staying updated about your health you can subscribe to the blogs of any online insurance firm. Alternatively, you can always read the latest information about your health on web aggregators sites like The articles or news you will access there are latest and well researched.

  •  Tax Saving

Through these health insurance plans, you can not only manage timely expenses of any disease but can save your tax as well.

  •  Getting Fit and Fab

Some health insurance firm may give you a discount on a yearly subscription for the gym membership. Making workout as a part of your routine can ensure better health. You can easily prevent many dangerous diseases by workout regime. Staying fit can not only assure better health but can make you look fab as well.

  •  Eat Right & Sleep Well

 As you know prevention is always better than cure, you can always put efforts from your side for staying healthy. All you need to do is eat nutritious food and take minimum sleep as required. Certain health issues may not be in your control because of hereditary reasons. These exceptional health hazards can always be managed through suitable health insurance plans.


With so many benefits provided by these health plans can you manage to survive without them? To buy suitable health insurance plans online you can visit online comparison sites like PolicyX and take an informed decision. 

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