Explore the History of Vespa from the Past to the Present

Explore the History of Vespa from the Past to the Present

Explore the History of Vespa from the Past to the Present

When talking about Vespa, it feels like it will never end. Many motorcycle dealers sell a variety of Vespa, but not as easy as wheelsmotorcycles, wheelsmotorcycles offer a variety of Vespa at affordable prices. wheels motor cycle is one of the Vespa for sale UK dealers that sells Vespa GTS 300. This Italian brand motorcycle has a long history as one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world. Especially among Vespa lovers, this motorbike has a myriad of stories that are very close to the community.

Want proof? This motorcycle was once a talented motorcycle for the Indonesian Peace Preservation Force contingent who served in Congo in 1963. Now, this motorcycle has become one of the items coveted by Vespa lovers in the world. But we will not discuss the Congo Vespa now.

We will discuss Vespa which is younger than Congo Vespa, Super Vespa. This Super Vespa was first produced from 1966 to 1978. This model became one of the most popular models in the World.

Vespa travels from year to year

The first generation Vespa Super was present in 1966 and 1972-1973. Little thing that distinguishes this bike is the use of accessories in the Vespa tie. The 1966 model uses the P (Piaggio) logo, while the 1972 model uses the Chung logo which is more like the US on the card.

In 1974, the second generation of Vespa Super was born. This model applies a lightbox with a slightly forward model. This design is considered a more modern design. The engine uses the same engine as the previous generation of 125 CC and 150 CC.

Two years later in 1976, the third generation Super Vespa was born. This model uses a larger ‘pendulum’ on a machine capable of boosting performance. You could say the engine in the third generation is better than the two previous types.

The fourth-generation was born in 1980 under the name CDI Limited Edition. Super Vespa this year already uses CDI ignition with ignition located on the top of the head.

Entering the millennium era, the Vespa was transformed by regenerating the legend. It comes with a much more modern design, engine, and features. This reincarnation came in 2008 under the name Vespa GTS 300 Super. Vespa tries to rebuild the story through a modern touch on the Super body.

Vespa GTS 300 Super comes with a better design language while maintaining the characteristics of the Super. One of them is the body on the right that has a hole like a classic Vespa. The design that is often called the tie and the middle body is also made to resemble a classic model.

Until this year, Vespa continues to refresh motorcycles that have stories for Vespa lovers. What do you feel like?

Vespa GTS 300 HPE design

The Vespa GTS 300 HPE unit test that we used is a unit test made in 2016 made at a Vietnamese factory. Wow, he said, why do they make Italian brands in Vietnam? To reduce costs, Vespa poured investment to reduce the price of Vespa for the Southeast Asian market and beyond. In quality, this motorbike still has good quality.

The design of the Vespa GTS 300 HPE motorbike that we use is indeed quite modern with classic wrapping. The body is quite large with dimensions of width 755 mm, length 1.95 mm, seat height 800 mm, wheelbase 1,375 mm and a weight of about 148 kg. This dimension is big enough for some people. Some people are reluctant to ride or buy this Vespa because it has too large dimensions.

Vespa GTS 300 HPE buttons

Vespa GTS 300 HPE has several buttons. On the left handlebar, there are turn signals, remote lights, and horn. On the right, there are the twilight and headlight adjustment buttons, traction control operation, and MID information settings on the speedometer.

The button located on this motor is arguably quite easy to reach. I also do not need a long time to adapt to the buttons on this motorbike.

Features of Vespa GTS 300 HPE

In the middle of the Vespa GTS 300 HPE, there is a small storage space that can store small objects. Do not expect to put large objects, at least only gloves can be stored in this storage room. Anyway, in this storage room, there is a USB charge hole that can be used to charge the gadget.

The instrument cluster on the Vespa GTS 300 HPE also comes with an LCD dashboard display. The front and rear lights also use LEDs. The design of the rear lights has also changed compared to the previous generation of the Vespa GTS 300 HPE. When you buy this motorcycle, you will get two keys like a Vespa in general.

The Vespa GTS 300 HPE key is also equipped with a bike finder and trunk opening which can be done within a radius of 30 meters. Other features include a tilt sensor, immobilizer lock, dual-channel HPE, and certainly Anti Slip Regulation (ASR) traction control system. If you forget to raise the side standard, this motor will not turn on.

Engine and Suspension Vespa GTS 300 HPE

The Vespa GTS 300 HPE is equipped with a Quasar engine with a capacity of 278.3 CC, 1 cylinder, 4 strokes which can output 20.9 hp with a maximum torque of 22 Nm. This machine has also passed the Euro 3 emission test, want to go to Euro 4? Relax, in Italy, you already use the Euro 4 engine. This power is distributed using a CVT automatic transmission that has a smooth character.

About the embedded suspension, Vespa embeds the suspension with the arm model combined with a spring and hydraulic suspension in front. While behind uses a double hydraulic suspension that can be arranged as much as 4 levels of violence. Want soft, medium, hard, or hard it can be adjusted according to taste.

Because this is included in a large capacity motorcycle, the automatic braking system must also be good. Vespa GTS 300 HPE is equipped with disc brakes on both wheels with a size of 220 mm. This brake is quite biting with a smooth braking character.

The impression of driving a Vespa GTS 300 HPE

Unlike the previous generation of the Vespa GTS 300 HPE that has not used i-Get technology. This i-Get technology makes the Vespa engine character much quieter and smoother. To get speeds of up to 80 km / h doesn’t need much effort. Turning the gas handle is also quite easy. If you want to collect, Vespa GTS 300 Hpe, you can buy it through wheels motorcycle.

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