In N Out Burger – The Book!

In N Out Burger – The Book!

In N Out Burger - The Book!

Stacy Perman has a special book now called the inside look at the rise and the beloved RISE of In-N-Out Burger. Through Permanent without further ado, we are brought back to the end of the 40 ‘World War II prosperous America, and a young man named Harry Snyder meets a restaurant manager named Esther Johnson, falls in love, and immediately opens a simple hamburger in Baldwin Park, California in the year 1948. Through hard work, and a strong determination to serve quality food at cheap prices … Harry & Esther’s small business quickly attracted attention, and soon the business attracted a large crowd, and large traffic jams. Harry Snyder calls his business “In-N-Out-Burger” in connection with his business which accommodates a car culture that developed after World War to speed up the ordering process (& to save money on waiter and waitress costs) Snyder invented two-way speaker boxes so customers could provide order while waiting in their car … basically creating the modern driving experience we have today.

Unlike almost all other fast food businesses in the US … Harry and Esther Snyder run their business as a way to make it a way to get rich. Expansion out of necessity … after long lines and traffic jams calling for the need to open another shop to reduce traffic … Harry is a practical person who only opens another Burger In-N-Out if he has money to build a shop, and buy land underneath it. He never borrowed always paid in cash. At the time when Harry Snyder died at -N-Out Burger had about 18 stores in the Southern California area. Although there are many offers to develop further, and the franchise … Harry and Esther Snyder insist on making it a small family-run business. Instead of cutting corners and costs to make more Snyders do the opposite … pay extra money to not only have high quality food (with everything fresh and made to order) also to pay their employees higher wages than others . For workers in their Burger In-N-Out store, they must be treated accordingly. There are no employees at In-N-Out Burger … everyone is a “colleague” … never an employee. The customer is always always right Farmers, and food traders are treated like this in a simple but radical way of operation … everyone with everyone is happy … business always remains strong. While every fast food restaurant in the country adds and changes their menu to add and expand -N-Out-Burger remains exactly the same … stick with Harry Snyder’s motto “Keep it simple; do one thing, and do it the best you can . “

After Harry Snyder died, his youngest son Richard took over the business. Under Richard N-Out Burger expanded to all parts of California, and extended to Nevada, Arizona, and finally Utah. He also takes out Burger In-N-Out just from being a simple, walk-up, drive-through experience and turning into a walk-up, drive-through AND indoor restaurant experience. A very religious man, is Richard Snyder who applies the policy of having religious references to the Bible located at the bottom of various Burger In-N-Out cups and paper … a practice that they continue to use to this day. But even in their broad expansion … Richard insisted on keeping Burger In-N-Out exactly as his father left … family-owned, with all fresh food and made to order. Unfortunately, when Burger In-N-Out hit 200 stores … Richard Snyder (and other Burger In-N-Out executives) died in a plane crash in 1993.

Harry & Esther’s eldest son, Guy, chose a different path from his younger brother Richard. For Guy, about fast cars, racing, and lots of drugs. Throughout his life, he kept fighting with his younger brother, Richard. After Richard took over the company, it slowed down the expansion, but still retained the same core business values ​​of his father and brother. Unfortunately, Guy Snyder’s life struggle and strength became better than him, and he died of a drug overdose in 1999 … leaving two ex-wives, his mother, and a daughter.

Esther Snyder did her best to run Burger In-N-Out for several years … even though her health soon began to fail, and she died in 2006, at the age of 86. The power struggle within the company was taking place during the Esther Final in Sherder’s former son-in-law who ambitious, former son-in-law named President of In-N-Out Burger to Esther’s daughter, Guy Lynsi Martinez who is waiting in the wings to come to take full ownership of the company. ..

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