Unique Food Business Ideas in India

Unique Food Business Ideas in India

A variety of food businesses can be considered as unique food business ideas. From Fast food franchises to Drive-through restaurants to Bakeries, there is an idea for you. There are even opportunities in the production of condensed milk. But what exactly makes a food business unique? Read on to discover the secrets to creating buzz and success. Listed below are some of the most unusual food businesses that you can start:

Fast food franchises

There are many types of fast food franchises. Some of these include: Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, vegan, and healthier fast food options. Others are fast food restaurants that are part of a larger chain. In India, food-delivery vans are on the rise. These vans can go anywhere and deliver combos and fast-food options. These are often quick-serve and high-volume food services that earn good margins.

Drive-through restaurants

While the concept of a drive-through restaurant may be familiar to many, local governments are growing increasingly resistant to them. Planners point to the environmental impact of cars idling and the potential disturbance to neighboring neighborhoods. In 2019, Minneapolis refused to approve any new drive-through restaurants. But Minneapolis is far from the only city to object to drive-thrus. And even if a municipality does agree to approve a drive-through, a potential client might still be wary.


One of the oldest types of food businesses is a bakery. These businesses often enjoy a steady flow of customers year-round and enjoy a steady stream of sales. Bakeries often specialize in one or more specialties, or cater to a particular dietary need. Here are some unique food business ideas for bakeries. Listed below are some ideas to get you started. In addition to cookies, breads and other baked goods, consider selling gourmet cakes, cupcakes, and specialty foods.

Condensed milk production

When starting a Condensed Milk Business in India, you must take a number of important legal steps to ensure a successful venture. These include obtaining the required licenses and certifications. For instance, you must register with the GST department, have a valid trade license, and obtain a pollution certificate. If you plan to produce unsweetened Condensed Milk, you should also obtain a license for MSME/SSI, EPI, and ESI. You should also study anti- pollution laws and apply for value added tax identification. Depending on your business plan, you may choose to register with the Food Safety Authority of India.

Mushroom growing

If you are a hobbyist or someone looking to make a full-time income, mushroom growing may be an excellent choice. While mushroom growing is a popular hobby in many parts of the world, it is an especially lucrative business venture. Many countries have good domestic demand for this type of food. By starting a mushroom farm, you can sell your products directly to local grocery stores and vegetable stores. Exporting your product is also a viable option – you can sell to restaurants and other retailers and distribute them throughout the region. Some companies even export to the UAE, Germany, Switzerland, and Russia.

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