Health Insurance Covers Offered by Oriental Insurance

Health Insurance Covers Offered by Oriental Insurance

Health Insurance covers the expenses related to hospitalization and medical expenses. When the coverages are cashless, the insurance plans make your life affordable. Oriental Health Insurance offers all the benefits through its insurance plan anyone would ever want. The plans offer coverage according to the type of plan chosen and premiums paid for the same.

All the Oriental Health insurance plans provide standard coverages. Some of the coverages are listed below.

  • The Health insurance plans cover In-patient hospitalization expenses such as room rent, boarding, and nursing, ICU charges, Surgery related charges, medical practitioner’s fee, medicines etc.
  • Provides coverages for Pre-hospitalization expenses incurred 30 days pre-hospitalization.
  • All the expenses within 60 days of the post Hospitalization.
  • Provides you daily cash benefits for the sum assured.
  • Covers a limited domiciliary treatment expenses based on the plan chosen.
  • As listed in the policy plan, Daycare treatment or procedures are covered.
  • The plans also cover surgical expenses incurred.
  • Comprehensive coverage such as Maternity Cover, Newborn baby cover.
  • As specified under the policy chosen, convalescence Benefit is paid to the insurer.

The coverages offered to vary according to different plans. However, most of the plans offer the above coverages. There are several health insurance plans online offered by the oriental insurance company.

The health insurance plans are eligible for expenses such as expenses related to the surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical practitioner, consultations, purchase of anesthesia, blood, oxygen, Operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicines, drugs, expenses related to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, artificial limbs. It also covers surgical procedure like a pacemaker, laboratory/diagnostic tests, X-Rays etc.

There are exclusions in the health insurance policies such as claims for the accidents caused by dangerous sports activities, medical expenses for the treatment of obesity, sex change, genetic disorders,

Stem cell implantations, surgeries etc. It also does not cover ailments for Psychiatric, Psychosomatic disorders, hysterectomy, benign hypertrophy, hernia, root canal analysis etc.

Before buying any health insurance plan, you must consider all the inclusions and exclusions.

Hospital Covers Offered by Oriental Insurance

There are several coverages offered from the Oriental health insurance. Majority of the coverages are covered in the hospitals.  Oriental Health Insurance plan offers cashless treatment in the network of hospitals. The hospital coverages include pre and post hospitalization expenses, ambulance expenses, the medical practitioner’s cost, prescribed medical expenses. Surgery-related expenses, critical illness treatment expenses, room rent expenses, Daycare treatments, Organ donor related expenses, Comically related expenses, maternity and baby delivery-related expenses.

Features of Health Covers from Oriental Insurance

Oriental insurance is different plans are different from other health insurance plans based on the unique features it offers. There are some unique and critical features offered by the insurance plans.

  • Co-Pay – In case of the health emergency, the insurer will claim the expense amount. The Insurer has to pay 10% of the co-payment of the claim amount.
  • Life Long renewable – Plans are available for lifetime renewal and you can renew the plans online.
  • Pre-existing diseases – Health Insurance plans generally do not provide coverage for the pre-existing diseases. However, oriental health insurance plans cover for the existing diseases only after a waiting period of 4 years.
  • Room rent – The insurance plan does not cover room rent exceeding 1% of the sum assured or INR 5,000 per day, whichever is less.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses – The plan covers pre-hospitalization costs incurred before hospitalization for a time of 30 days and 60 days after the post-hospitalization
  • Health checkups – Health insurance plans cover all the expenses for the regular health checkups.
  • Cashless treatment – For Oriental Health Insurance plans, you get cashless treatments for your planned or unplanned health-related expenses in the network of hospitals. The cashless treatment is offered both abroad and in India through various insurance plans.
  • Renewability and incurred claim ratio – Incurred claim ratio is an indicator of good insurance providers. High-incurred claim ratio of Oriental health insurance stands it apart from all other insurance providers. The health insurances do not have a lifelong You will have to renew the policy every year to keep it going.
  • Convenience and flexibility – The policy is easy to enroll. You can enroll in the health insurance plan online. If you do not like the insurance plan, you have the flexibility to switch to other insurance providers.

Oriental health insurance plans will help you cover all the medical expenses and add a couple more years to your life. If you are looking for a health insurance plan that meets all your requirements, you should choose Oriental insurance company as your insurance provider after knowing all the plan features on Coverfox.


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