Modern Choice of Modern Kitchen for Mother

Modern Choice of Modern Kitchen for Mother

The kitchen is one of the special rooms in the house. Not only for cooking, but the can also be a place to show the level of creativity and design tastes of the homeowner. One of the current designs for kitchens is modern kitchen designs, which emphasize the concept of neatness, cleanliness, simple, minimal indentation, coherent paint, modern kitchen tiles, etc.

Several matching methods are suitable for modern kitchen designs. Check out  these 5 creative inspiration:

Modern Choice of Modern Kitchen for Mother

1. Cabinets’ Decoration using cerused wood

The modern kitchen design looks elegant thanks to the touch of cerused wood finishing on the kitchen cabinet. This finishing technique is done by adding a blackish gray color and unique strokes to create a rustic look. This cerused wood finishing is also suitable to be combined with a high cabinet design with glass doors that showcase various kitchen utensils.

2. Modern Kitchen Design with Brass Accents

Creative ideas for a combination of modern kitchen designs don’t have to be complicated. As we know, just a small touch can give a different feel. Modern kitchens dominated by white and blue can be a good example. Not using stainless steel like modern kitchens in general, two pendant lamps and kitchen sink faucets use brass. Golden accessories made from brass give the kitchen a glam look.

Modern Choice of Modern Kitchen for Mother

3. Prominent Color

Modern kitchens are usually dominated by white to make it look neat, clean and simple. To avoid the pale impression, there’s no harm in adding a contrasting color that stands out. A little color is enough to make a modern kitchen more alive.

4. All-White with Selected Material

The white color is presented from unique materials so it is not boring. For the kitchen table, white marble material is gleaming. For the walls, ceramic is installed to give a good impression.

5. Wood Accents and Pastel Colors

An effective way to bring luxury in a modern kitchen is to add wood accents. Wood with natural color and natural texture is becoming an expensive touch now. Wooden accents can be combined with pastel colors used on the lamp cap and part of the kitchen table. As a result, the feel of a cheerful and pleasant modern kitchen feels so strong.

Interior design for modern kitchens is very popular today. However, for the best results, it would be nice to collaborate with experts. Besides suggestions from professionals, you can still decorate the kitchen based on your taste.

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